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You can use tags to represent words, accounts, actions and etc, that are impossible to write at that time.

Your bot is very intelligent to understand your tags.

Example: you can’t write an ID of a user that will use your bot, but you can tell your bot to understand and grab the ID of that user by use of special tags.

Main bot tags

Every tag works in a specified Message. So, you can not user a tag for your all Responding messages. Also know that these tags are very case sensitive.

%ID% - current ID(that is sent)

%From% - Message sender(current user that is using the bot -  Not you)

%msg% - current message(both sent and received)

%to% - Current user(that the message is  going to – Not you)

%L% - For new line

%loc% - Location of the user(according to google map – User IP is need first to detect)

%IP% - user IP(only in rooms, UPd attackers and Dcs)

%err% - Error (only if from server – You can’t use for Command Syntax Errors(CSE))

%thread% - Thread detected on optimization times

%warn% - Warning( only if from our server)

%stm% - Status Message(only for forwarder)

%sts% - Status (only for forwarder)

%suspectID% - Suspected user

%reason% - Reason for error(only if from our server)


Room bot tags

You can use TAG/1 to TAG/5 to view these tags in your room.

%user% - current user to whom bot is talking

%room% - current room

%L% - New line

%num% - current shout game number

%amount% - how much something costs

%msg% - the message that is being talked about

%ID% - The onheld ID(only for main bot)

%word% -  the detected word or message (only for bad-language)

%n% -

%master% - bot master(only the owner)

%rl% - user's role in room(only for welcomer)

%aff% - user's affiliation in room(only for welcomer)



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