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Nizzc Incorp.

We are the largest company that develops Artificial Intelligent Computer programs for XMPP based servers.

All our bots are open source and you can download their source codes in the  development section.

Nizzc Mobile Server v6.5

All what you need just in one bot with over 300 customizable commands;

All in one account and chatroom  protection and management.

Account Forwarding, MTA, Auto-inter-room syncing.

Very addictive games and intertainments.

Score transfer over rooms and users.

2way backup

Very intellectual and chat understanding.


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Web Bot v1

A web supported version of Nizzc Mobile Server

All what you need just in one bot with over 300 customizable commands;

All in one account and chatroom  protection and management.

Account Forwarding, MTA, Auto-inter-room syncing.

Very addictive games and intertainments.

Score transfer over rooms and users.

2way backup

Very intellectual and chat understanding.


Create new bot now(No download needed)

Manage from any device

You can use our Nbots from any device, manage from any device and no matter which device hosts it.

No matter where commanded from

Our Nbots only consider what command you sent but never check where you sent from.

Only tell to do it will do!

No wait, no delay, no time!
No matter how many users are using them, once our Nbots receive your commands, without delays they will do what you commanded them to do.

No matter where you are!

If you are from Africa, Asia, America, Eurobe or Middle East, or any other place, You can use our Nbots same ways.

Free 24/7 internet connection

When you want to host your own Bots, you need to have Uptime network connection to keep your bots online or VPS(Virtual Private Server) which is sometimes bit expensive. But now forget that and use our free network that our Nbots come in-built.
Once you connect to our free network, your bots will keep online ever.

Change everything to your owns

No one likes his things to look alike others. You can change everything in our Nbots to your owns.
-Change all commands
-Change all responding messages.
-Let all what related to your Nbot inherit your bots' commands and responding messages.

All is protected

Never worry about that your bots get dc by Disconnectors.
All our Nbots come with inbuilt Self protections.
Also our Nbots come with troubleshooting tools to detect incase of error.


You can connect your bot to each other so that they can know what the other one is doing.
No matter if they are hosted in same computer or in different computers.


All in one protections, User assistance services, account managements and forwarding, games and quiz.

Account protection

We are the only team that offer complete  Nim-world users protections.
Protect your account from hacking, payu, Dc, jammers, flooders and more.
We fight for you against all threats!
We guarantee to provide you  latest technology to experiance our pro-active protections.
We offer the following protections:


  • Anti-Dc
  • Anti-Flood
  • Anti-Jammers
  • Anti-UPd Hactivities
  • Account Optimization
  • Anti-Exhaustive trials


Chatroom protection

If you own chatrooms or you use chatrooms, you must have our pro-active protections to experiance the world's safety.
Experience Nizzc's protection!
Never allow your room to be frozen, flooded, payued or jammed!
Try our pro-active protections!

    Realtime Flood protections

  • Anti-Freezer and Freezer scanner
  • Anti-PAyu and PAyu scanner
  • Suspicion blocker
  • Bad-Language protection
  • Resource Sensor
  • Jid Sensor
  • OnComing Flood recognizer
  • Room Optimization
  •  On joining Realtime scanner
  • IP Recognizer
  • Flood sensation leveling
  • Faster IP banner
  •     On message Realtime  scanner

Account forwarder

Do you have saveral accounts? 
would you like to forward them to one account?
If yes, we have made your dream true.
Let us make your world prettier!
Forward all your nim accounts to your main account.
chat with your friends in those accounts from your main account through them.
Never disturb yourself logging them in every time.
Receive messages, send messages accept friend requests from your main account through them.
No-one will understand that it is forwarded. 
Every forwarded account will seem that it is normaly logged in by you so no one will understand if it is forwarded.
Your main account will not be visible to those you are chatting with from the forwarded accounts.
    Receive all messages in realtime
  • Send messages from main account invisibily
  • Get online users of the forwarded account within the main account.
  • Get sender's ID on messaging time
  • Set your own resource
  • Get sender's resource
  • Get message stamp time

Customize everthing

Make your bots your owns and change everything we added to your owns.
White labelled!
Change all commands
change all responding messages
change bot's functionalities
Make everything your uniques.

    Change bot's functionalities

  • Change bot's commands
  • Change bot's responding messages
  • Let all related bots inherit your main bot new commands.
  • Let all related bots inherit your main bot's responding messages
  • All forwaded accounts will use your language
  • all Optimized accounts will use your language
  • All protected accounts will use your language

Room to Room transfer

Transfer your score points to any room in seconds.
send your score points to your friend in another room.

You can transfer your score points from room to room without the need your bot or bot you are using to be in that room.
If you want to buy something in another room with your score points, you can simply transfer your score points to that room.

User to User score transfer.

Give or get some score points to/from your friends.

Do you want to buy something with your score points but your don't have or insufficient? You can ask your friend to give you as a debt or freely. Same way, you can give your friends.


Buy or sell score points within room.

(Admin) You can sell Score points to your users or give them freely as a reward.
(User) Do you want some points to buy something, you can buy it from bot admin or ask him/her to give you freely.

2way backup

Never miss even single turn on/off.

Your settings,informations and your users' points, games, answers and questions are what we care about and we try our best to save  them from loosing.
Realtime local backup and your opt to backup on our server.
your bot will rember everything even turning on/off command forever. No matter if it is restarted/re-hosted in different bot/computer (if you backed up your room to our server). 

Penalty game

this game  can be played 2 users per time.
the winner will get reward(that you specified)
also if draw, both users will get reward(that you specified) for playing the game

Don't make your users bored in your room, turn on games and let them play.
Penalty game is one of Nbot games that users can play. Either one user wins or end draw.

Shout game

Let your room users compete and see who types faster.
the winner will get reward(that you specified).

Attract users by giving them chance to compete and earn rewards.

Let your users feel extra joy that they don't get from other rooms.
by this way, your room will get top ranks.

Lucky game

Let your users check their luckies and get higher rewards(or that you specified).

Do you have lucky to get rewards? then let us see!

Let your users get more points with their luckies.

Bombing game

Let us start 3rd world war in Nim rooms!

Why do you have score points that you get from games and quizes if they are useless?
We never make useless what you have! 

Buy bombs and kick everyone, Revenge and kick your enemies(in room) that  kicked you out before.

Buy bomb shields and protect yourself from bombers.

Buy everything in  your room with your score points


Quiz is most loved game in Nim rooms

Rooms that don't have quizes running are not rooms!
Let your users play endless and regularly updated quizes and compete between them.
Change quiz rewards to your owns
Change quiz intervals
Change quiz terminal intervals

Everything is in your hands!


Give specials(anything) your room users!

Do you know when you  give someone something special how they appreciate?

We give your room users special accesses to use your Nroom bot, So they can use it how you can use it, Command it how you can command it!

Let them test the sweetness of our world from their side!

Very Intellectual

Train your Nroom bot to however you want!

Train your Nim room bot and tell how it will:
-Conduct with Threat carriers.
-Understand what others are saying and respond to them.
-Know who is admin, owner, master(of bot) and moderator of room.
- Suspect and take steps to protect your room.
- Take commands and from who.

All are unlimited

We never limit what we provide  you.

 Limitations are what made our world corrupted!

We never limit what we give you without asking you even to donate us.

Enjoy with our technolgy and remember!

Connect to our computers

If you don't have VPS or 24/7 active internet connection, then you can connect your Nbot program to our active computers  for free.



I can't only thank you for what you have done for me! My dream was to own a Nim bot one day and now i have even without worrying about its uptime. Thank you thank you guys and keep your work up!”

“Amazing bot! waiting for your next mission.”

“Alla, walaalow waanba rumaysan la'ahay.  Dadaal kiina sii wada  oo tusa caalamka kartidiina”

If you don't have computer

You can add our servers to your friend list and use them.