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When you want to host a bot, the first things you need is computer and active internet connection.

But to keep it online, you need to have unturned off computer and internet connection which forces you to buy VPS(Virtual Private Server). But the question is: can everyone buy vps which at least costs $50? No!

But now, forget that and use our free and uptime computers and internet connections to host your bots on them.


Before you start, please configure your bot and change whatever you like(once connected, you can’t change anything until you disconnect).

1.       Tick the check box “Connect to our free server”.


1.       Now connect your bot as normal



2.       Once checked, if our network is available(in your region), Hosting of your bot starts. Once hosted successfully, You will need to verify it. Add the Nizzc Mobile Server(management) that the application gives.


3.      Now add the given server and send to it VERIFY#your code (for example: verify#1054931516 ). To copy this code, click ‘Copy confirmation code to clipboard’ button you see above.


hosting verified.PNG


Congratulation! Your bot is verified and it will come online in 1-5minutes.






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