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Do you have several account? Would you like to chat with all friends in your all accounts from single account without adding them?

Then this option is for you.

You can forward all your accounts to one account and get full control over them.


1.       Realtime message forwarding

2.       Realtime User online/offline notification(Turn on notifier with +notify command)

3.       User add request and  User “is approved/denied” notification

4.       Realtime Notification if users deletes you

5.       User approval customisation

6.       Account status mode customisation

7.       Inbuilt Anti-Dc protection

8.       Inbuilt anti-Payu protection

9.       Add, delete and accept users

10.   See who is online

To understand further see the examples below:

You have two accounts [email protected] and [email protected].

Now you can forward [email protected] to [email protected].

If a users sends a message to [email protected] ( which is forwarded), it will forward the message to [email protected] like this:


Message From [email protected]  Time: 9:22pm 24/01/17


-          -

Hi, how are you?

To reply user “chat/user/Message

NOTE: [email protected] we mean the ID of the user that messaged you.

That was if a user messages you through the forwarded account.

Also you will be notified if a user deletes you, accepts you, adds you, comes online/offline and etc.

You can add a user, delete a user, accept a user. Also you can opt to turn on auto-approver.

Your bot(you are using) will tell you how you are going to manage your forwarded accounts.




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